Camelina oil for dog cosmetics

22 Feb, 2021 | Balm, Benefits dogs, Camelina oil, natural ingredient, Pads, pesticide free, Vitamin E

We recently launched a new line of dog cosmetics. The line is organic, with all-natural ingredients and respecting our values, and also includes camelina oil as a base, just like our supplements. We have already told you on several occasions how good camelina oil is for dogs, today we give you more information!


Where does it come from?

Camelina oil is the basis of our supplements for dogs and will also be the basis of our line of dog cosmetics. This virgin oil is grown in our country with local farmers and the whole process is carried out in Spain, from the cultivation of the seed to the production of the oil and its subsequent packaging and marketing.

We take great care not to use pesticides or chemicals so that the oil is as natural as possible and, in supplements, we do not add preservatives of any kind. Up until now, we have used it in our dog supplements and now we use camelina oil for dog cosmetics as well. In fact, camelina oil is already used in human cosmetics because of its properties.

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“Camelina oil is perfect for deep moisturising and nourishing”

Benefits of camelina oil for dogs for dog cosmetics

It is rich in Omegas 3 and 6, which help prevent immune system diseases and improve skin and coat. It also contains Omega 9 which is a natural anti-inflammatory. Therefore, it is very good to include it in their diet but also in their skin treatment. Camelina oil for dogs is of excellent benefits.

It is also rich in vitamin E. A natural anti-inflammatory: for dogs with joint problems such as dysplasia or other conditions.

It helps to improve skin and coat: vitamin E is ideal for soothing skin problems and improving dogs’ coats, leaving them shinier and stronger. It reduces the adverse effects of dermatitis and other skin and coat conditions.

Camelina oil is very good at deeply nourishing the skin, which is why it is perfect for our paw balm. Our dogs’ paws suffer from dryness due to walking in asphalt areas, mountains… or due to high or low temperatures. In this way, we help them to moisturise and avoid small wounds caused by cracking as well as to repair the skin.


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