Doxel: the change of Floky’s coat

27 Nov, 2020 | Benefits dogs, Camelina oil, joints, natural ingredient, pesticide free, Vitamin E

Floky is two years old and has been taking Doxel 4All for a few months. It began as a last resort to see if his hair would grow into a small wound that took time to heal and it has become one of the main ingredients in his daily diet. “In only two weeks of taking Doxel, the hair in the wound had grown back almost completely” Andrea tells us.

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His change with Doxel

Floky took puppy kibble but had many gastrointestinal problems. “We were desperate and started to look for another kind of food for him. After looking for a few weeks, they started giving him BARF and now Doxel is the supplement they add every day to his meals. What started as a last hope to improve the hair of his wound, has remained as a must in his diet. “It was amazing the change we saw, not only had hair grown on the wound in just two weeks but it was also softer, shinier and fluffier“.

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“Floky arrived unexpectedly, we had been looking for a dog for some time and we loved Huskies. We saw an advert on a social media site from a neighbour who had a litter and we didn’t even think about it” Andrea was looking for an active dog, a little independent but also loving and sociable. “He doesn’t stop in the street but at home he has his quietest moments”.

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“Floky has changed our lives in many ways and I couldn’t live without him​”

A dog changes you

Having a dog is a huge responsibility. Not everything will be easy, worrying about a balanced diet, about his development, his learning and his day to day life is something that requires effort and money “but I would certainly repeat it. It has changed us completely and the love and loyalty that a dog gives to you is not given by anyone else”. There are many good moments and some bad ones but the balance always leans towards the positive side. “Floky knows when I’m stressed or when I’m lonely and I’m down. He sleeps with me and rests his head on my legs to make me feel better.” They can sense our emotions.

Going to the mountains and long walks

Sharing quality time with him is something they put into practice in their daily lives. From walks to games or training at home, but what they like best is going to the mountains. “We love the snow and Floky loves the cold so it has been very easy. Whenever we can, he comes with us on our trips.”

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