How to improve dermatitis in dogs?

20 Nov, 2020 | Benefits dogs, Camelina oil, joints, natural ingredient, pesticide free, Vitamin E

Today we would like to tell you the story of Lana, a Dalmatian who is very pleased with Doxel 4all. Her dermatitis has improved greatly since she started using Doxel in her daily diet. That is why we always recommend Doxel 4all for skin and hair problems such as dermatitis in dogs.

Dermatitis in dogs

Dermatitis in dogs is an increasingly common disease. There are many diseases that cause dermatitis such as fungi, mites, fleas, food or environmental allergies, which are very common and occasionally cause itching, skin irritation and hair loss. It is in these cases where feeding our dogs the very best plays an important role.

A balanced diet and a good supplement will make the improvement obvious. Doxel 4all is rich in Omegas 3,6,9 fatty acids and vitamin E, which helps to soothe inflammatory skin problems and helps to grow a shiny and healthy coat in areas with bald spots or dry and damaged hair.

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The improvement of Lana

“We took part in a giveaway and won a bottle of Doxel. We had never heard of it before, so we got some information and tried it out.” That’s how Lana’s mummy met us. Lana had dermatitis on her back, armpits and tummy so Lana’s mummy didn’t hesitate to include Doxel in her food and wait to see some improvements. “After a week and a half I started to see improvement. Her hair was softer and the wounds were covering up. In two and a half weeks, the dermatitis had practically disappeared”

We always say that every dog is different, some show effects earlier and others a little later but it is normal to see changes within 2-3 weeks.

“Lana had a very large scar, and we were told that her hair was very difficult to grow back in that area. After Doxel was integrated into Lana’s diet, her hair grew back in this spot and today the scar is hard to find because it is completely covered with hair!”


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“Even the vet was surprised. There is no redness, no brown areas or wounds. Her coat is very shiny and three times softer than before.”

Rich in Omegas 3,6,9 and vitamin E

Doxel 4all is composed of virgin camelina oil, rich in Omegas 3,6,9, and vitamin E  ideal for adding as a supplement to their diet.

Not only is it great for dermatitis in dogs or other conditions but also for strengthening the joints and the immune system. That’s why it’s great for dogs like Lana. She loves to play and is very athletic. “She can run for hours, there is no limit to what she can do

Lana is happy with Doxel and her mommy doesn’t want to stop giving him to her. “Now her skin is healthier, even the vet was surprised. There is no redness, no brown areas or wounds. Her coat is very shiny and three times softer than before.”

In addition to Doxel, they add brewer’s yeast and coconut oil to Lana’s diet as supplements, and they care a great deal about making her nutrition as healthy as possible. “She’s the best companion in the world and very loving and I always worry about giving her the best”

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