Joint care for older dogs

7 Oct, 2020 | Benefits dogs, Camelina oil, joints, natural ingredient

Why do joint problems appear in older dogs?

Joint problems in dogs are common, especially when linked to age. Older dogs often suffer from osteoarthritis or other bone and joint diseases that cause them pain and discomfort. In addition, they no longer feel like walking and this makes the discomfort even greater.

Not only can a poor diet lead to a lack of adequate calcium for their bones, but together with a sedentary lifestyle, it leads to obesity problems in many dogs. As a consequence, more joint disease in older dogs in particular.

Joint problems by older dogs

Does my dog have joint pain?

There are very clear symptoms that will make us visit our favourite vet because they will be obvious signs that our dog has a problem with his bones.
When a dog has pain in his bones or joints, they are usually irritable, they don’t want to walk or do physical activity, they limp when they try, they complain of pain, they make strange movements, they walk too stiffly or they frequently lick the affected areas, such as their paws.

Dog joints

“Doxel Senior will not only help them with their joints, but will also leave them with healthy skin and a shiny coat.”

Why Doxel Senior?

Doxel Senior is one of our star supplements. Despite its name, it is not only ideal for the joints of older dogs, but also for younger dogs that are beginning to suffer from diseases such as dysplasia, which is so common in some breeds such as the German Shepherd, Chow Chow, Golden Retriever or Labrador, among others.

It is composed of virgin camelina oil, just like Doxel Sport and Doxel 4all. It is rich in Omegas 3:6:9, with an equilibrated balance that gives dogs what they need. It also contains Vitamin E and a natural supply of antioxidants that are ideal for them as a food supplement to a healthy diet. And to care for the joints of older dogs, Doxel Senior has an extract of olive skin, a natural anti-inflammatory.

Our supplements are totally natural, without additives or chemicals and, in addition, they improve the skin and coat of our dogs thanks to the balance of Omegas from virgin camelina oil, which comes from local cultivation. Doxel Senior will not only help them with their joints, but will also leave them with healthy skin and a shiny coat, a problem that is also common in dogs, especially those of advanced age.


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