Pesticide free: what’s behind Doxel

15 Sep, 2020 | Benefits dogs, Camelina oil, natural ingredient, pesticide free

without pesticides: Camelina

The basis of our dog food supplements is camelina oil. A vegetable oil with numerous benefits for the dogs and produced through a 100% natural and sustainable process. We don’t use pesticides or fungicides with the aim of giving the best of the field and nothing else to our dogs. Want to know more?

camelina oil, pesticide free

Local and sustainable cultivation

We cultivate and produce camelina oil in Spain, in collaboration with local farmers. It is an oilseed alternative for semi-arid regions. By doing so, we promote agriculture in our country while paying attention to areas at high risk of desertification. Camelina cultivation is considered melliferous, that is, it serves as food for the bees. Thanks to it, we help to increase biodiversity.

This kind of cultivation is highly valued in SPA areas, as it serves as a refuge for protected birds nests. In addition, it is used to consume residual nutrients from previous crops that can cause damage by contamination of aquifers and reduces the agricultural area in fallow, which is extremely important since these areas are highly vulnerable to erosion.

camelina oil, nutrients, local farmers

No pesticides or fungicides

We know how important it is to avoid the use of chemicals and we are committed to crops free of pesticides and fungicides. We do not use this kind of product because the cultivation of camelina has a high degree of resistance to pests and therefore we can avoid the use of toxic substances. By doing so, we create a sustainable and natural crop that also resists drought and frost and helps to nourish the soil.

camelina field, camelina oil
“ We create a sustainable and natural crop that also resists drought and frost and helps to nourish the soil.”

Cold first pressed oil

From these crops, we produce virgin oil in a completely natural way. It is an oil of first cold pressing that preserves all its properties and benefits. Our commitment is to be as sustainable as possible at all stages of production. In the process, we help the soil by recycling its nutrients and creating no carbon footprint products which are traceable from field to bottle.


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