Vitamin E in your dog’s diet

30 Sep, 2020 | Benefits dogs, Camelina oil, muscle supplement, natural ingredient, Vitamin E

Camelina oil, the basis of our natural supplements for dogs, is rich in vitamin E and it is important to include it in your dog’s diet. The most important sources of this vitamin are products of vegetable origin, such as oils. Moreover, Doxel 4all, our star product, contains an extra vitamin E, thanks to its pumpkin seed oil.

Here’s all you need to know to encourage you to introduce it as a supplement into your dog’s diet.

Vitamin E as an antioxidant

One of its main benefits. Thanks to its antioxidant power, vitamin E helps reduce the risk of cell damage from oxidation or changes in the normal structure of cells that could end up producing cancer.It is the most important fat-soluble antioxidant in human and animal tissue and is therefore essential in your dog’s diet. It prevents the oxidation of fats and helps preserve cell membranes by ensuring that they function properly.

This vitamin will help your dog to maintain a healthy heart. It is also perfect as part of a puppy’s diet and also helps promote normal heart function in adult dogs. It also helps to create red blood cells.

Adding a vitamin E supplement to your dog’s diet will strengthen his immune system and prevent deterioration of the body, age-related problems, heart disease, cataracts and neurological diseases.

antioxidant vitamin E

“Camelina oil is rich in vitamin E and it is important to include it in your dog’s diet.”

Vitamin E as an anti-inflammatory

This is not only for older dogs but also for younger dogs. Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory benefits and helps reduce the painful symptoms of arthritis. If your elderly dog has stiff joints or other conditions, vitamin E is very beneficial.

Certain breeds of dog are prone to diseases such as dysplasia or other joint problems that are aggravated by exercise or over time, so it’s important to prevent this with vitamin E-rich supplements.

As well as being a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it helps calm dogs’ skin problems and makes their coat grow stronger and shinier. In this way, it maintains the texture of the coat and the dog’s skin.


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