What is the perfect supplement for a puppy?

8 Jan, 2021 | Benefits dogs, Camelina oil, natural ingredient, pesticide free, puppy, Vitamin E

Choosing the perfect supplement for a puppy is no easy task. The arrival of a puppy at home, when he is still a few months old, raises a question: What kind of food do I choose? Of course, we will always look for the best option and the information available to us is so much, that in the end it can be a difficult task. Now we tell you why it is a good idea to add Doxel Puppy to his daily diet, no matter what type of food you choose. Because natural supplements are very important as a complement to their diet.

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Doxel Puppy: the perfect supplement for a puppy

We have long wanted to create a supplement specially adapted to our puppies. After many months thinking about what would be the best option for them, knowing that camelina oil, the base of our supplements, would also have to play the leading role in Doxel Puppy, we added those ingredients that would make the difference.

Doxel Puppy has a perfect balance of Omegas 3,6,9, plus an extra DHA and Beta-carotene (vitamin A). What do we get with these ingredients? Create a perfect supplement for puppies. Read on and we’ll tell you all about it. 

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Natural ingredients

In all our supplements, we use 100% natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives. In addition, we have changed the bottles. Within a short time, all supplements will change their packaging. It is a bottle that comes from sugar cane, this way we avoid plastics.

As for Doxel Puppy, the base is still virgin camelina oil. This is what makes it the perfect supplement for a puppy, but we also added other 100% natural ingredients that we will now tell you about. You know that Camelina is grown in Spain with local farmers, in a crop without pesticides or chemicals. We only use the best for our dogs. We also added Schizochytrium sp micro-algae oil and Dunaliella salina dry seaweed. Do you want to know all its benefits? We’ll tell you more!


“Omegas 3,6,9; Vitamin A and DHA for the immune and cognitive systems and to care for the skin and coat”

Cognitive System and Immune System

Is Doxel Puppy the perfect supplement for a puppy? Of course it is! Because Doxel Puppy promotes the development of the immune system in the most important stage of a dog’s life. When they are puppies, this extra contribution to their daily diet is essential for their growth. Thanks to Doxel’s natural antioxidants and healthy fatty acids, we can help them to strengthen their immune system.

Why do we add Schizochytrium sp micro algae oil? Because of its high content of DHA. Thanks to this oil, we help our puppies’ cognitive development. In this way, we promote their brain development.

On the other hand, we include dry seaweed Dunaliella salina which provides vitamin A to our supplement. Why is it important? It helps the development of good vision, especially in puppies. Together with this, we will improve their skin and coat, we will prevent their hair from falling out and it will grow shinier and stronger thanks to the Omegas and this Vitamin A.


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