How to moisturise my dog’s pads

30 Dec, 2020 | Balm, Camelina oil, natural ingredient, Pads, Vitamin E

How do I moisturise my dog’s pads? After a long walk, on cold winter days or in the heat of summer, you’ve probably noticed that your dog’s paws are cracked and rough. We are going to offer you an easy solution to this. 

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How important it is to hydrate my dog’s pads

Indeed, it is very important. We don’t seem to care as much as we do about other things that we feel need to be more usual. For example, bathing or brushing. We worry about finding the best shampoos for them so that they have beautiful, soft and clean hair. In addition, we give a lot of importance to brushing, especially when they have long hair and it is easy that it gets knotted or dirty more often.

Well, we must also pay attention to their pads and their nose. In very cold weather, it is normal that after long walks, their pads crack. This also happens in very hot weather, in the middle of summer. But, ideally, you should look after them all year round.

Do I have to moisturise my dog’s paws? The answer is yes. Just as you moisturise your skin when it dries out, they need this type of care too. At Doxel, we know how important this is, and we’ve put out a paw and nose balm that you’ll love.

bálsamo hidratante patas

Natural and organic ingredients

This was very clear for us. A balm for our dogs’ paws and nose, it had to have the right ingredients and be as natural and ecological as possible so that its benefits would be greater and it would be good for all dogs.

Doxel Balm is made with eco virgin camelina oil, eco coconut oil, eco lavender oil and eco beeswax. All the ingredients have been carefully chosen to care for and protect the most sensitive areas of our dogs.

bálsamo hidratante patas

“Doxel Balm is perfect to moisturise, nourish, protect and repair the pads and truffle of our dogs”

Pads and truffle

Doxel Balm is perfect to moisturise, nourish, protect and repair the pads and truffle of our dogs. Also, it avoids dryness of the nose and paws, preventing them from cracking and possible pain. In this way, we will also avoid possible little wounds which, many times, cause them discomfort and less desire to walk.

Doxel Balm can be applied before walks, before a day in the snow, before a hike or after these activities. It can be used as often as necessary as if it were cream for our skin.


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