Doxel Flex & Joints

Virgin Camelina Oil + Bioactive Olive Extracts + Camelina Polyphenol Extract

Natural nutritional supplement for dogs with joint problems or high physical activity. Promotes joint protection and muscle recovery.

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Doxel Flex & Joints supplement is ideal for dogs with joint problems and for dogs with moderate to intense physical activity. It also provides a unique balance of omega 3:6:9.

Olive triterpenes act on inflammatory processes, especially at the joint level, all in a natural way.

Camelina polyphenols provide extra antioxidant activity, which facilitates muscle recovery. During physical exercise, injuries can occur in the body, so both vitamin E and these polyphenols facilitate muscle recovery after exercise, thanks to their action of neutralising the free radicals generated during exercise.

  • Helps joint processes.
  • Facilitates recovery after exercise.
  • Improves coat, helping to prevent hair loss and the appearance of dandruff. It also helps hair to grow healthy and strong.

Our camelina oil, the main base of Doxel Supplements, is very different from salmon oil. In addition to being free of heavy metals, and not being a refined oil, it does not cause bad breath, nor does it increase cholesterol in our dogs. Moreover, its unique natural flavour delights those dogs who do not want to eat.

Doxel supplement bottles are made from a new material obtained from sugar cane rather than fossil raw materials such as petroleum. The use of these containers is intended to carry out a more sustainable production that cancels the carbon footprint. At Doxel we are committed to sustainability and the health of our dogs!